Raashi Ghoshal Will Find Her Prince Charming

Raashi Ghosal has been pretty unlucky in romance and in life. When her latest attempt to find love backfires on her face, she finds herself scrambling for a fresh start. It comes in the form of being a content writer in a digital agency in Mumbai. Having been a freelancer all her life, it is difficult for Raashi to navigate the high paced corporate life that she is suddenly thrust into. 

Gullible and naïve, she falls for a colleague who takes her for a wild ride. Only, she realizes this early on and breaks it off. But being the wreck she is, she wonders if she did the right thing.

One of her work friends (who by the way is also the Goddess of Love) tells her to get her shit together or she would never find her Prince Charming. To this, Raashi is surprised and asks how she would even know where the Prince Charming is. She tells Raashi that hidden gems are hard to find, and unless she gets her shit together, she is not going to let her find Prince Charming.

Desperate to find Prince Charming and resorting to this as a last ditch attempt to get her life in order, Raashi agrees to the Goddess’ deal of completing tasks that would bring her one step closer to finding ‘the one’. 

But what she will come to discover about herself, her life, and everything in-between as she moves through the tasks is far greater than any happily ever after written in fairy tales! 

Genre: ChickLit/Young Adult/Magic

MRP: 299
Pre-Order Price:149

About The Author

Aniesha Brahma

Aniesha Brahma is a young adult and children’s author. She has been writing since the age of six and has published 10 books under her name till date and done a lot of contracted writing projects as well.
Her novels The Secret Proposal and When Our Worlds Collide are heavily acclaimed by critics and loved the most by the readers.
She runs an e-magazine that explores the world of books called Buzz Magazine, and a YT Series called Chai & Chill. Her day job is a Senior Content Writer at an ad agency in Mumbai.