Be the part of India's First "Lead By Authors" Publication House

Of the Authors, By the Authors,

For the Authors.

If it’s been too long of your dream to showcase yourself and your book to the world, being India’s 1st Hybrid Publication House, we connect your dreams with vision.

Publishing every dream is our vision and hence we thrive on our motto DREAM! VISION! LET’S CONNECT?

With our Guided Publishing approach, you’ll have your own dedicated team of experts working alongside you for your BOOK to come alive.


Author's Benefit

Your Benefit

Get the highest royalty for your book as your efforts are really worth it. You also get unlimited printing of your dream book without any extra cost.

“You” The Brand

Self branding is equally important like the branding of your book. Brand yourself and allow your book will mark your name in the market which will be your forever

Trusted System

You retain all the rights to your book for lifetime. Get your royalties transferred to you every month with complete sales report.

Your Guidance Partner

Towards publishing your dream book, right and clear direction plays a crucial role. Get guided from the very initial stage of your publishing process, till and after the book is published.

Be the part of India's First "Lead By Authors" Publication House