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It's All About Self-Love

Why this? And how to use the book:

There are multiple activities in this workbook, some that can be done every day, some that are one-off, and some, that you can do as per your inclination and availability. For you to witness a change within, make sure that you do at least one activity every single day, continuously for 30 days. If you have a hectic day, make sure that you keep aside at least 5 minutes. That’s not too much to ask for, when it is your wellbeing at stake, right? When you are with this book, make sure that you have no distractions whatsoever. Keep away your mobile phone, do away with the TV, laptop, family members, etc. Choose a time when you can be alone, without any disturbance. This is the first step towards loving yourself. Give yourself some time to unwind, reflect and introspect. It is a gift that you truly deserve!
At the end of every activity, there is a section called ‘Space for Reflection’. This is space that has deliberately been kept vacant for you to put down any thoughts or feelings that come up while doing the activity – whether positive or negative. Every ‘Space for Reflection’ has some guidelines on what you may want to jot down, but just go with the flow, and write down everything that occurs to you, whether or not it is in alignment with the guidelines provided. The guidelines are meant to provide just that. What you feel is what is important, and no one knows that better than you!
Do not treat each activity as a checklist that you need to complete. Do not get anxious of the outcome. Enjoy the journey. Be in the moment, and give your 100% to every minute you spend with this workbook. It will be worth your while. And, like I said before, there are no negative side-effects!

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About The Author

Sushma I R

(Founder, ReFind You, & Author, It’s All About Self-Love)

Sushma is a Counselling Psychologist, RECBT Practitioner certified by Albert Ellis Institute NY, Internationally Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, Success Coach, certified by Certified Coaches Alliance and International Coach Federation (ACSTH), and NLP Practitioner. A lesser-known fact about Sushma is that she began her career as a content writer. Her love for psychology drew her to the profession of counselling after completing a successful stint of 7 years in renowned corporates in the product and marketing domains.
Sushma has been in the field of coaching, counselling, mentoring and training since the beginning of the year 2011, and has been successfully creating and delivering customized programs to reputed organizations and individuals across the globe.
Sushma is also a trained classical singer, fitness enthusiast and Half Marathoner.
Sushma firmly believes that self-work is an ongoing process. And self-love is the catalyst that facilitates self-work. Loving ourselves is more important, but often more difficult than loving others, thanks to social conditioning. That explains her reason behind authoring this workbook, ‘It’s All About Self-Love’. Through this book, she wishes to reach out to more people and help them in their endeavour to learn to love and accept themselves unconditionally!