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Proper improvisation and copy editing is done without any hassle to make a win-win situation for you. So, as it goes, 'A good face is a letter of recommendation' your ideas are in the safe hands. Price : 8₹ per 100 words

Book design

A well proficient artist for designing your book works meticulously so that not even an inch is left in ambiguity. Designing of the book includes interior designs and full book design for a hassle free reading experience. Price : 799

Book cover design

The book cover design matches the wavelength of the book genre. Our artists make sure that an exquisite book cover is all you get. Price : 1499


Twining with the book genre, a thorough skilled artist works rigorously to give your book a much more vibrant look through relatable illustrations and sketches, rather than only texts. Price :600 per illustration

Book reveal video

A teaser of the book is released to generate excitement amongst the masses. Also, a video is broadcasted at the time of the book release. Price : 1999

Author website

A website exclusively for "Author" is made which is an addition in terms of promotions and marketing. Website helps to define how much the book and the author is authentic so that their work remains safe and name intact. Price : 8000

Book SMM

Social media is the new talk of the town. The book is yours but the responsibility is ours to promote it through all the social media handles. An altogether new account is made on all the social media handles exclusively to promote and market your book. So, just sit back and relax. Price : 4000
Yes! This Way {Guidance}:
With enhancing the quality of the book, imparting varied ways to pen down the thoughts is on the top of our serving goals. A full time expert guide would be specially allotted to support you from the stage of your raw thought till the juncture of becoming the bestseller.
Iron It {Editing}:
Revision is the only way to wade out the thorns of your way. What more than getting a genie to do it all for you? Proper improvisation and copy editing will be totally in our court to make a win-win situation for you. So, as it goes, ‘A good face is a letter of recommendation’ your ideas are in the safe hands.
Love to carve {Book Design}:
A well proficient artist for designing your book will be assigned to meticulously carry out the ideas for the same. Designing of the book would include the cover design, interior designs and finally the full book designing. Three reviews for the cover design, one for the interior design and full book would be made accessible from our end.
I will draw {Illustrations}:
Twining with the genre of the books a thorough skilled artist would be working rigorously to make the book look much more variant through relatable illustrations and sketches, rather than only the texts.
It’s mine {ISBN}:
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is the main source for listing and ordering books. A writer is recognized by it’s unique ISBN.
My book, My right {Copyrights}:
The whole and sole right of a writer is the copyright of his book. The copyright of the book is always of the writer as he is the owner of the book. Definite copyrights are provided to the writers for their book
The race begins {Marketing}:
Efficient marketing of the book would be done on all the social platforms with utmost diligence. The marketing would also extend it’s hand by advertising it before, during and after the book release on a very proficient basis
Turn on the speakers {Promotions}:
Like promotions of the book counts to be the most key aspect similarly, promotions of the writers also plays a crucial role in the evolution of the book. Not only the book but also the writer (efforts of one needs acclaims) is promoted from our end. Also, reviews of the released book would be known from time to time.
Bring my typewriter {Printing}:
Engraving ideas on the paper of trust and faith is our most cherished possession. Unlimited printing of the writer’s idea is what we promise to cater to the utmost. Also, an author copy would be provided.
Be omnipresent {Listing}:
The books will be listed on all online book stores for definite recognition.
So exciting {Book reveal video}:
A teaser of the book would be released to generate excitement amongst mass. Also, a video would be broadcasted at the time of the book release.
Sharing is caring {Distribution}:
The books of the writers would be distributed on a PAN India basis. ‘A light purse is a heavy curse’ and so by spreading your ideas across India would not only expand your ideas but also your own self.
I’m buying it {Sales}:
A small leak will sink a great ship’ which is likely to occur when mishandled. Here you can sit back and relax and knock out all the impending stress. Sales, packaging, delivery and queries would be managed by us for you and that too not only for a while but forever.
Wow! It’s amazing {Book Launch}:
Exclusive writer’s event would be organized with no added cost. Making it worth remembering is our responsibility.
My earnings {Royalty}:
The very first royalty would be provided in 3 months and later it would be imparted to the writers on a monthly basis. A justice with goodwill would be a good will of the writer. A maximum share of 90% would be in the writer’s bucket.
Digital Dominance {E-book}:
Avail your book at all the digital platforms. E-book is the new trend and hence, you must not be left behind. Earn royalties equal to the paperback ones.
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