Scribbles In Pyjamas – Saurabh Sharma


Wondering what’s Scribbles in Pyjamas? Saurabh Sharma who tags himself as a “Wizard” is a poet, an entrepreneur and most importantly – A Scribbler. Scribbling and his relationship is till date the most cutest thing that we can ever experience while we read this book. In short, all we can say is, he is “Cutely committed” with them! Scribbling his thoughts since the past 6 years, tucking every minute feeling in a very subtle yet, the heartwarming way has been his priority. While keeping in mind the beautiful readers and their choices, this book does justice to all. You think of your favourite emotion or genre or situation or maybe your most important person in life, it has it all. With “Scribbles in Pyjamas” the author has made an effort of connecting himself with the realities of our daily lives of which we take no notice of. So, pull up your reading pyjamas and hop onto the journey of over 200 scribbles enveloped inside this book along with lovely and amusing illustrations which surely will make you fall in love with the scribbler.

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